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Im 18 years old, I live by my self I work nd pay my own rent and my own bills I've been responsible since I was 16...(my parent are out of town they don't live here) I've been dating this guy for like 7 months now and he got problems with his family like serious problems (his family do drugs) his family don't like me I think cause I'm Muslim but he don't care he wants to know more about Islam and he wants to marry me in a halal way and move in together but the only problem is that he's 17 I'm not sure what's the limit of age in Islam to get married but we only want to have a halal marriage I don't want to live with him in haram so please I need help is it possible for us to go to a mosk nd ask the imame to get married ? Also he can't stay in his house for long that's why I'm looking for a way to get married as soon as possible in a halal way then when he become 18 we can get married by law please don't Judge me I just want to know all the possibilities that we can do for our situation thank you

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Well you can do nikkah but rukhsati later if you wish. By rukhsati I mean when your wife will move into your house.

(Jul 02 at 20:03) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image I HOPE THIS ANSWERS YOUR QUESTION IN SHORT C:

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All praise is to Allah the almighty, and may he help us all. In Islam there is no age requirement needed to marry, but you have to marry a Muslim male or female and not a kafir with the acception of her guardians if a man is asking for marriage. Sister I will not judge you and I shouldn't if his parents are not Muslims and he himself is not a Muslim, he has to accept Islam and ask your guardians for your hand in marriage. Thank you and May Allah bles you and guide us all.

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