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so I've been talking to my classmate which is a girl and now we're in summer holiday so we talk by chatting.. we've been talking for almost 2 months and i like her so much.. maybe love her.. and the good thing is that she like me so much too! so we talk a lot like best and close friends and sometimes we talk lovely or flirt a little, but we're both religious so much and we don't have relationships.. for me I've learned from my past.. bcuz last year i had a relationship with a girl but i couldn't take the guilt anymore so i ended our relationship.. anyway, so now I'm more aware and cautious.. i will NEVER have relationships inshala.. and this girl is religious and she doesn't date or have relationships as well.. and it's difficult to have a relationship and i don't want it.. so my question is, is it haram to keep talking to her like daily and be friends with her as long as i have no idea for a relationship? i mean I'll never try to have a relationship with her.. so can i still talk to her and have fun talking to her? please answer me kindly.. btw, I'm 16 years old and she's 15 now

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Either you do it or dont do it.

(Jul 02 at 07:49) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

There's no problem, as long as your chats are Halal; in other words, keep it clean. Wait until you're both 18 and if you're still serious then ask her father for her hand in marriage. If you are both religious then you know that their is no dating before marriage.

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thanks for the answer brother.. yes we know dating is haram and we'll try to never get in haram inshala ..

(Jul 03 at 22:52) unknown11 unknown11's gravatar image
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