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Salam. My brothers and sisters :). The arrival of Dajjal, is it necessary he will arrive only when the predictions are fulfilled ? I'm abit feeling frightened all these thoughts after watching some videos on facebook about the dajjal arrival, they're like that the saudi royal family is also waiting for the arrival of dajjal. anywhere this people see an eye they just turn the whole thing into different. Well, I'm a teen and this thing makes me pretty scared that I won't be having anymore life to live of thinking about the predictions and all. Please help these thoughts are killing me inside. 2) this question might be a bit silly but this question was in my mind when I was a little kid, when we die how will we FEEL ? 1) Like sleeping you have no idea what is going ? than what was the use of our life if we will be sleeping ? or 2) That what is all in my brain, like I CAN SEE MY BODY AND SAY WELL THAT'S ME. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY OVER HERE. Thank YOU Ramadan Mubarak :)

From Ahmad, Muslim, An-Nisaa'ie, and Ibn Habban -- that Abu Darda' said the Messenger of Allah ~ ~ said, "Whoever reads the last 10 ayat from Suratul Kahf, he will be immune from the fitnah (corruption) of the Dajjal.

Its better to memorize the last 10 ayahs.

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Still no Answer :(

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