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ASC. Many of my sisters in islam wear jeans or pants and I was wondering if it is against our seen for women to wear such clothing?

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All glory is to Allah the all powerful. Sister thank you for asking and May Allah guide us all to the straight path. In Islam it is not allowed for a women to wear clothes that shows her figure to men that she can marry or to disbelieving women. Whether it being a jean or skirt and many more of the similar clothing. A jean can be worn in the room of the husband or even under a hijab. What I now is to To wear such clothing in front of ones own children wouldn't be haram but it also wouldn't be the way of a good role model for the youth of Islam. All knowledge is to Allah and May he help us all.

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Thats imitating men.

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so what is the penalty for wearing pants?

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All knowledge is from Allah. In Islam, it's not proper for female to put on what is not lose on them, I means very free clothings that wont show the shape.

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musa, you said no for in front of "disbelieving women"? i've never heard that before. here in america there have been several recent stories of muslim women demanding 'women only' times in places like gyms and pools. hard to workout or learn to swim in those outfits, jilbabs?

so now you are saying that it should really be 'muslim women only' times?

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