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Assalamualaykum Akhi I hope you well and in good health beiznillah I have masturbated when I was fasting and I am really depressed and I really tried not to do it . I have this addiction from about 2 years know and I am now nearly 17 I have been really trying to stop it but could not be successful. I know that marriage is the best sollution and I want to marry but I am always thinking how am I going to provide . I am now in my studies , I have already memorized the Quran in Egypt and studied some Islamic studies and Arabic but all of these things and being in a Muslim community and country did not help me to stop masturbating . What can I do now or how can I do to recover all of this and make allah subhanahuwatallah pleased from me again , I really love allah and I dont want to live my life like this......! And also what do I have to do about my fast ? Jazakallahu khairun kaseeran Wassalamualaikum

Abdullah Hassan sajid

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Well, This answers half of your question... and this is about intercourse during ramadan... well this was the best I could help you with C: Ramadan Mubarak :)

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Brother I have the same problem but I am younger 14 and I also ejaculated when I a was fasting in Ramadan today and I really don't know what to do but I saw in a topic that u should keep fasting and make it up another day after Ramadan I mean fast an extra day I hope that helps Ramadan Mubarak :)

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Jazakallahu khairun brother I also checked and got the same answer Alhamdulillah. We Just need to keep asking forgiveness from Allah swt inshaallah. May Allah forgive us all ameen

(Jul 06 at 09:42) abdullah hassan sajid abdullah%20hassan%20sajid's gravatar image
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