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Aoa i am a 20 year old boy and studying in 4th year. I belong to a very religious family and therefore,i am a practising muslim to..i Pray 5 times a day and try my best to life according to shariah .From the childhood i found that i have a sexual desires more than became increasing as i reached my the condition is is that icant sleep without having that fantasies..i donot mastrubate nor i watch or read sexually exicting stuff but these thoughts are still in my i head ..i always found myself diffrent from other people and abnormal about this issue..Am i having a physcological abnormality .. please tell me is it sin to have these fantasies..if it is than please tell me a way to get ridd of this problem.. i really wanted to get through this

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Alsalamu alikum brother..... Don't think that you are the only one who have this desires....

We all have it ....we humans....

But you have to control it ... That is the difrent between us and the animals....

When you go to sleep and you attack by this desires remember that allah know what is in your head and what is in you heard.and think about the fact of all people die when they sleep and back to life again when they wake up ...think about my be you not goin to wake up again you want to meet allah and the last thing you did it is sexual fantasy??

when you go to sleep lay on your right side and and read (alkursi )aiah and (qull hua allaho ahad)sorah and ( qull auzo birab alfalaq)sorah and (qoll auzo brab alnas) sora.... After that say (ash hadu an la ilah illa allah wa an mohammad rasol allah....

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JAZAK ALLAH brother,i will now try my best to avoid this.need your prayers

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