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closed Jul 25 at 16:19 123 AbduAllah (suspended) 123%20AbduAllah's gravatar image not allowed to force someone to become a muslim,this act will creat so many problems and moreover the person forced to be muslim may not necessary be true muslim.what is wanted for a muslim to do is to be kind,fair and generous to people so that the non muslims will be impressed and embrace islam.... To round it off you are suppose to convince a non muslim to become a muslim not force him or her.. Thanks and may almighty bless you all

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All praise is to Allah the all hearer and the almighty. Forcing people to become Muslim is against our religion. Allah himself who is our lord and ruler gave everyone the chance to belief and surrender to Islam according to his or her own will, as mentioned many times in the holy Quran. He even mentioned it to the prophet Muhammad May peace be upon him it's obligated upon him to only show and call people to Islam, but their acceptance is upon theirselves. Thank you and May Allah bless you.

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you can't force people to convert. but if they are already a muslim and they try to leave. you kill them.

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