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Just 10 mins ago or so my next door neighbour comes to my door with Dates and says please pray for me and my dad when you are opening your fast. He greets me saying "Assalamwalikum" and reaches his hand out. I feel bad because I did not shake or reply back I just said yes how can I help. I go to get my dad and he talks to the man. He was saying his fathers very ill and he head voices in his head saying go next door. He was also on about a "Book of life" my guess is the Quran. He was saying he was reading this book. I am very very confused, but also happy how Allah can guide a man like this. He handed my dad the Dates and left. We are all very confused but are happy as well.

My question is is that why would this man come to my door with the dates? He said he heard voices in his head and he was reading a "Book of life" which could have possibly been the Quran. He also said his dad is very ill and I believe Allah has tried to guide this man.

Please answer.

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I am confused as to what the question is?

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Breaking someone's fast or giving iftar has great virtues as stated in the given hadith:

When our master the Prophet declared, "If a person gives iftar to a fasting person in this month, his sins will be forgiven. And he will be given as many rewards as has that fasting person," some of the Blessed Companions said that they were not so rich as to give iftar meal to a fasting person. He declared as a reply, "The rewards will be given even to a person who gives a date as the iftar or who provides water to break the fast or who offers a little milk" [Bayhaqi].

Allahu ta'ala boasts to His angels about a generous person who feeds others.[Imam-i Ghazali]

There are such beautiful mansions in Paradise that they will be given to those who talk sweetly, who offer food, and who perform namaz when everybody sleeps. [Tirmidhi]

There is insufficient evidence to suggest what the book might be, so I won't comment on that. It might be Quran.

Jazakallah Khair

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