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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah. I had recently joined as a teacher in an Islamic school. Apart from the usual requirements of a teacher (i.e, teach) I, along with the other teachers, am also expected to make the bulletin board, make charts and other trinkets for the various days (e.g. chocolate day, environment day, e.t.c), prepare the speeches and stuff for the assemblies, and other activities, which was not provided in the job description. When I was in school, and in the other schools (I am referring to the best schools in the city), it is the children who prepare for these tasks, as it makes them more responsible. During the first performance evaluation, which is conducted for everyone at the same time, the principal (who happens to be my boss) told me rather harshly that my contribution to the activities of the school was minimum, and that my salary would get affected due to this, a notion I find ridiculous, since my students are understanding the lessons fairly well and have gelled with me. I was also told that I have to ask for permission every time I send a homework (not conduct a test - mind you) because, apparently, the parents complain directly to the principal. The children have absolutely no respect for the teachers, and have back answered the teachers countless times as well as walk out and enter the classroom as and when they please. How am I supposed to work in an environment where the principal is a control freak, the students rude and the co teachers quietly bearing this all? I don't think Islam promotes this. Please Help!

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Assalamu Alaikum

I believe in an Islamic school everyone should be at ease and all power to be just and fair. It seems the rules says so otherwise It looks like you're doing your job just fine maybe I suggest you try communicating with the other co teachers and together you march up to the principal and explain your not putting up with this, We are creating this school Together! provide info about what rules that need to be fixed (that all the teachers and you have agreed on) I'm sure if you go all together you'd have a better chance. As for the students there should be disciplinary action taken place For the parents complaining not sure what they are complaining about but if it is about grades send them grade reports every now and then.

May Allah Make it easy for you Inshallah!

"Verily, with every hardship comes ease" (Al Quran, 94:6)

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Jazakallah for the response. The primary problem is that none of the other teachers find this wrong in any way. My friend in the school told me in passing that there is some internal politics going on between the various schools of this organization, so to highlight that theirschool is the best, the principal is making the teachers do all the work. All the parents are provided with the principal's personal mobile no. and they call up whenever there is even a minute issue, namely homework. What do I do??

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For all the parents try meeting up with them after class do a counteraction and give them your phone number and the other teachers as well (if they give), explain to them that we are teachers,we hand out the homework, we are teaching so please contact us about homework.

If you can, show the principal the class environment with the students all disobeying backtalking and explaining that work isnt everything ( doing paperwork) student discipline, Teachers inspiration, Teaching), doesnt student discipline count for a better community/ rise in school status? doesnt teaching make a strong bond?

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Explain to the teachers that doing all the work doesn't rely on them entirely, doing work that you probably not supposed to do, isnt that why we have higher authority to do the other sections? Work is meant to split among others so one doesnt feel stressed out! Isnt that why we have so many teachers, a vice principal, security, etc.).

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