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  What i,m asking is if one is allowed to recite the Holly qur,aan silently,while Imam is reciting too in the Masjed ,cose i,m confused here about ?
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Alsalamu alikum brother

All shaikhs in islam like ibn taimiah and uthimin and the shafi'eiah said not allowed to read the guran with the imam((except alfatihah))

Ther are two veiws in read with the imam by( alfatihah )silently

The first one said that we allowed to read jest (alfatihah)sorah and after that we have to listen....

The secend one said that we have to listen to the imam and don't read because the imam reading is enough for ma'a mom

About me i'm listen to the imam read( alfatihah )when he finish i'm goin to start reading alfatihah silently ...when he start to read eney sorah i'm going to stop reading immediately and start to listen.....

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Aslam ualikum! Not reciting while offering salat (namaz),but while reciting for khatm qur,aan kareem.

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ask on : Hope that helps :)

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