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I heard of the 10 signs of qiyama and that their would be a talking animal when the time of qiyama comes and it is among the 10 signs that the prophet mention. So can some body explan brifly the 10 signs and the talking animal and what will the animal say.

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i dont think there are specifically ten major signs only the major ones but there are major ones and minor ones the major ones include:

ad-dajal, the return of issa, gog and magog, al-mahdi, a huge fire, three landslides, the sun rising from the west, a body of water in palestine will run out- i dont remember its name, a beast, and the killing of ad-dajal

the minor sings include: sex becoming widspread, one man supporting 50 women, farmers competing in huge building contests, ignorent rulling over the intelligent, being truthful will be frowned upon while being dishonest will be admired, the child will be disobeident to its mother, a women will give birth to her master, the quran will be unheard of or forgotton, sharia will sieze to exist, violence will be widespread, etc.

as you can see many of the inor signs have already occured so we should be carful and beware because as we all know the last day will come to us abruptly and many wont be prepared the prophet once said in translation: once a sign comes it will be like pearls falling from a necklace.

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