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Asalaam Aalikum My question is that one of the biggest problem in my life is that I always get wrong thoughts about ALLAH... PROPHET MUHMAMMAD (PBUH)... Hazrat Fatimah R.A. .. Hazrat Ali R.A and all other Sahabs... I always try avoid it but these thoughts always come to me and then I get involved in fighting with myself... I can't even define what thoughts I get... even I get these thoughts in Salah and other Ibadahs... Please tell me how to get myself free from these thoughts... JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR

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Alsalmu akikum brother.....

This is wrong thoughts is from alshaitan ...its test from allah subhanahwata'ala....

Insha'allah your heart is full of iman...becuase the empty heart from iman the shaitan already finish with it.......

the shitan make waswasah by bad and wrong thoughts about evry thing you believe it....

We can't get red of shitan but we can ignor him and make him week by by alot of dhikeir and reading quran ....

When shitan make waswasah to you....cut your thoughts and say amantu billah (i' believed by allah)....

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ask on : Hope that helps :) Note : Choose Islamic Spiritual Cures

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