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We believe that we all came from one man (Adam peace be with him) and mate (Quran) or Eve one woman (Bible).

We also believe that Allah messages from Adam p.b.w.h. to Muhammad p.b.w.h. have always been the same as a guidance and reminder to mankind.

Therefore, if Adam p.b.w.h. and mate or Eve p.b.w.h. was one man and one woman, what roll does incest plays in the message of Allah?

Also the Quran said that some of its verses are allegorical and some are metaphorical for "every man He has created a mate". Is this verse actually a metaphorical verse where it refers to many men and many women all over the earth? 

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Adam and eve are one pair.

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Thanks for your input(Alhamdu illah), however, its not an answer.

Please read the introduction to the question before answering (Insha Allah).

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legislation differs from one Shari'ah to another, while the principles and beliefs remain the same in all of them. So, making of portraits was allowed in the Shari'ah of Sulayman (peace be upon him) but is prohibited in our Shari'ah. Similarly, making prostration of salutation was permitted in the Shari'ah of Yusuf (peace be upon him) but is illegal in ours. Also, war booty was prohibited for nations before us but it is completely legal for us. The Qiblah of people before us used to be towards Bayt Al-Maqdis, but for us it is towards Ka'bah. In a similar way, marriage between brothers and sisters was permitted in the Shari'ah of Adam (peace be upon him) as opposed to those that came afterwards.

Regarding your second question I'm not sure what you mean,

And Allah knows best.

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I am not aware of if any such shariah of Yusuf, Soliman,p.b.u.t. etc. If you can give references to those examples mentioned above I will appreciate it (Insha Allah).

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They both are one pair don't confused about them. They are true and honest person send by God on earth. Spread their love and affection every where.

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