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Is it permissible for a muslim to travel in a vehicle of his friend/relative which is bought using vehicle loan having interest?

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Please get me an answer

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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Yes. You can ride in his vehicle (just as you can visit a friend's home which was bought with an interest loan). But definitely do one thing - remind your friend/relative to repent and not to engage in riba. It is a really bad sin.

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tahmeed, i was at a Council on American Islamic Relations event and it was sponsered by a halal compliant bank. i asked him how you by a house without an interest baring mortgage if you don't have the cash for a $200,000 house. he said the bank buys it for you and then you pay the bank a fixed fee for a fixed amount of time. so you might ultimately end up paying $300,000 for the house. so i said, how is that any different than interest? he said it is not interest, it is a fee. i about fell down laughing.

ilove1, so do you ask people before you enter their house if there is an interest baring mortgage?

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it is a good thing most the world ignores this riba non-sense. without loaning money at interest, how does anything get built? now i see why the only muslims countries with decent infrastructure are the ones swimming in oil money.

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Go search and try to figure out how Islamic banking system works.

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