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ASSALAM U ALAIKUM I am Mohammedali and I am having an girlfrnd i want to marry her but i m still 20 and at 21 in India marriage is allowed we Hope frm ALLAHPAAK TABARAK WA TA-ALA That ALLAHPAAK will Support us and we will get marry on time but in these mean time I am very helpless (majbur) as sex comes in mind and i cant cntrol so i meet her sometimes but whenever i meet her i have never done intercourse with her as I am always afraid of ALLAHPAAK that ALLAHPAAK Should never get angry of me and ma gf as she also tries to be in ISLAM. So ma question is that I heard a lot about Zina that it is haram in ISLAM but i want to ask u that i never done intercourse with her only i become helpless so i usualy have sex sometimes with her parts but i dnt do intercourse so ols tell me whtever i m doing with her body is wrong is these also haram or i dnt do intercourse so it will be forgivabl as i get helpless and it is very uncontrollable for me to control sex and my Gunah gets incrase if i dnt meet her so please suggest me what should i do waiting eagerely for an reply

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I think you should speak to you local immam brother

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This is absolutely wrong. You shouldnt have to touch her no matter what, since she is not your wife.may allah forgive us

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