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Dear brother, I am a muslim and i believe in Allah and Allah's oneness. Even i use to offer salah five times since last two months. But i have been mastrubating since i was of 14 in age. I really cant explain were i learned it from and were from i got addicted to it. These days the month of ramdhan is goin on and i m on fast from the first ramdhan till present day 8th of ramdhan it was all fine since last days but today i wasnt able to control this sinfull desire. I have read in Quraan e kareem that shaitaan ia locked up in the month of ramdhaan and if i use to pray for five times also and that too without this holy month then why i am not able to clean the siyahi of my heart that this sin has created in me. Brother please help me because after committing this sin my conscience gets hurt and i think of committing the gunah e kabeer ie, suicide

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My dear brother, you are not the only Muslim guy with this problem. Other brothers also have this problem (masturbation). The way out is not by committing suicide (this will only make matters worse for you). I do not even understand how a brother who is guilty over a small sin like masturbation (minor sin) could consider suicide which is worse (major sin). SubhanAllah.

"I have read in Quraan e kareem that shaitaan ia locked up in the month of ramdhaan" - You read that in ahadith. And yes.. during Ramadan, some of the shayateen are chained up (esp. the strongly evil ones - which is why it is so much easier to do worship/good in this month), but not all of them. And not the jinn companion that every person has.. who tries to get you to do sins.

Nevertheless, fasting is supposed to diminish your sexual energy. So make sure that your intentions are correct and that you are fasting properly. And ask Allah سبحانه و تعالى to give you strength to stay away from this sin (masturbation). Repent and make up the fast that you broke later on. Be determined to never do it again. May Allah سبحانه و تعالى make things easy for you.

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Salam. At, , They have a renowed book of the 14th Century Imam That Talks about The Punishment of Masturbation And How To Control It. I Reccomend That You Contact This Site. Wa Salam. :

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