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I am 28 and reverted just last year. As of now i only know Bare basics of Islam. I reverted to Islam because i fell in love with its philosophy and due to the the charcter of one of my Muslim friend.

Before my conversion i was planning to marry by 26. A few women in my family have had complications in giving birth after 30. So I have always wanted to get married and have a baby well before the age of 30. I am generally healthy but am Physically on the weak side. Now that i have reverted i keep thinking that because i am new and my practises havent solidified yet, it will be impossible to find a soul mate. My parents (are Not Muslims but they supported my desicion) wanted me to get married as well and were looking for suitors but now they are not sure how to get involved as they are unfamiliar with the religion/culture of Muslims and do not want to make mistakes...

Should i wait. Am i being too hasty ? Should i risk getting married late?

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وعليكم السلام و رحمة الله وبركاته

Islamically speaking, the sooner a Muslim woman gets married.. the better it is. And it is not impossible to find someone to get married to, even in your case. Maybe you will find a brother who will be interested to teach you the religion along the way. But in the meantime, I hope you are praying the 5 daily prayers, as those should never be missed. If those are good, then everything else follows.

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i agree with above answer of the question you should marry as soon as possible.

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