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what if the husband themselves allow the wife to do eyebrows. is it allowed?? who will get sin if so??

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your husband is not the one to decide what you think its best. if he wants you to change yourself so you are better , you should allah made u the way he wanted to dont change yourself

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If this husband really love his wife, he won't ask her to do her eyebrows... She mustn't obey him coz he ask her to do something will make her out of the mercy of Allah... She should explain this to him wisely... Rasulallah cursed who make their eyebrows.. And no one want to be cursed... Wa Allah a3lam

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When it comes to obeying and disobeying some one who you should be obeying is that you apply the rule of law in Islam and that is one should obey when it is inline with the laws of Islam and if it is out of line of Islam then should not be obeyed and this is what one should apply even if it is his/her parents.

Therefore, one must follow this rule and will understand when to obey and when to disobey and the example is here that the husband asks the wife to trim her eye brows without a valid reason in this case the wife disobeys and is rewarded by Allah for obeying Him.

However if the eye brows causes harm to the wife and that it is beyond her eyes and the husband is put of and does not approach her then in this case she should obey the husband as this is allowed in Islam and inline with it. Allah knows best.

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thank you all my brothers and sisters for your kind answers may allah guide us through the right way.

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