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Hy there, I know this is a weird question but... I will start with this, is money from the internet haram (not allowed)? I'm sure there are halal ways to make money, but mine is kinda specific. 6 months ago I made money this way without really thinking about it and I used all the money. Lately my iman is stronger and I'm older, passed 17 this year. More details: Its about surveys. It works like this, I make a web site which provides a flash player to watch for example a sports show. If the visitors click on the flash player a survey site pop up and the visitor needs to fill out the survey in order to proceed to watch the show. Now if he completes the survey I get money. But the thing is I had no idea how to enable the show to start for example since I'm not good at programming HTML and stuff like this. So basically the visitor doesn't get any show, he just fills the survey, so that's rather scam... The other things I did is providing activators for games and software, so they don't need to be genuine bought in order to use the software and play the games. I haven't made them myself, just found them somewhere else. So others where able to download them completing again a survey.

So since I got a real job I stopped using the above methods. However, I have a lot of free time in my current job and I would feel bad I think if i start again with the internet money making I did. This way I can make really a lot of money...

Whats your opinion, what you think? Well, if I look deep in myself even if I'm anonymous in the internet I feel bad because of the scammed people, provide activators for intellectual property etc. Thanks for your advice!

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Ask Allah for forgiveness and thank him for giving a chance and thank him also for saving you before doing a bigger mistake... It is good that you serched for the right path... Fill your free time with Azkar, Salat, listening to Shiekh, reading Quran and reading some Sira books and prophet (pbuh) stories.... And always judge yourself like you has done recently...... :)

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Thanks lumisho I pray for forgiveness and I stop using the internet unless i need something (fatwas, islamic books) and other useful things.

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No, it not HARAAM. Its should only be lawful/HALAAL

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I'm curious what was your website called ?

You could of got someone to make the video work once they have filled in the survey or you could learn online how to make the video star or get a link to the video once the survey is filled in ..

That's a cleaver way to make money but one thing you should never do if you area real Muslim is never scam people .

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Making money online is not haram but how you earn money online that matters for example if you make adult website and runs adds on it and earn money with those adds that is haram. But if you make good informative website "According to Islamic Rules" like this "ISLAM.COM" website and they runs Google adds they are earning halal income.

But in this case you cheat people by not providing them the actual thing like sports show this type of money is suspicious as i am not scholar brother but if you do good things on internet the earings will be Halal

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