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Salaam I feel so depressed and lost, I have PTSD and Bipolar. I am the only new Muslim in the area where I live. I wish that there were other sisters who I could get advice about salat, wudu ect. I keep getting flashbacks ( memories) of past abuse then I feel panic and scared. I am finding things so hard to cope. I wonder how long will I have to suffer mood swings, depression ect. I also have physical illness which means I cannot get out much. I just feel lost.

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Salaam. I'm afraid I don't have much answers. But I just want to congratulate you on accepting Islam. I also suffer from depression, but I am doing my very best to put my trust in Allah. I'm sure there will be a lot of knowledgeable Muslims here who can help you.

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My only advice is, find a local mosque, come on friday prayer to the female section.

Inshallah there will be many women to help you there. As for you disease. Allah yshfeeke.

and nothing can happen without his Will.

Try making the pilgrimage to Mecca do Hajj, and when you are at the zamzam stream, say in the name of Allah the curer the sustainer.

and in arabic basmilah basm al shaf al m3afe. which inshallah after you drink the zamzam your physical illness may get better. Also reading Qur'an constantly can make it better, trust me sister just because your sickness may not have a cure in modern medicine does not mean you will not get better.

Be patient and ask Allah to cure you every day, he inshallah over time when he tests you and you stay faithful to him, he will cure you of your sickness.

and remember life is but a moment, 365 days that go by in a blink of an eye 60-100 times until it's over. Then inshallah if you stay a muslim and die a muslim, you shall be taken into Heaven/Jannah and cured of all your pain, not even a sore muscle, and you will abide there in for eternity.


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Hold on, sister... When you do your best and try hard to get close to Allah, you gain alot alot even more than muslims who were born as muslims.... Believe in Allah, he won't ever let you down.... Just think of your goal.... I wish you quick recovery, sister.... May Allah strengthen your faith.... Suffering now is better than suffering in life hereafter..... Think of others who aren't muslims and then think of yourself as a muslim, you will see how much blessings you have.... You are strong, sister..... Be hopeful and keep going :)

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For your bad dreams, do the following: 1. Spit (spitting comprising mainly of air with littler spittle) on your left three times 2. Ask for Allah to keep the Shaytaan (Devil) and the evil of what you saw 3. Don't tell anyone about the dream 4. Turn and sleep on the opposite side to which you were sleeping on previously

You can also get up and pray if you desire and welcome to Islam sister. Salam.

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