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Like we have to wear clothes so the trees and plants are the clothes of the earth. To besides they breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen which creates a balance for life. Wouldn't it cause displeasure to Allah SWT if those trees are cut recklessly? Shouldn't we be concerned and act?

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The whole concept of Global Warming is pretty recent so no, it would not have any specific mention in the Qur'an however yes we should obviously be concerned because without trees and the earth in the correct composition we cannot survive - and in Islam we are told that we should live.

In the Quran, Islam's revealed text, men and women are viewed as God's vicegerents on Earth. (2:30) "God created nature in a balance ("al-mizan") and mankind's responsibility is to maintain this fragile equilibrium through wise governance and sound personal conduct."

So according to this to strike equilibrium, we must use trees for our survival but equally we must plant them and protect them from being struck down "recklessly" as you say. Hope this helped

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Good answer, but when you quote text written by someone else, you should cite (and link, if possible) your source.

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