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salam alykum, how do i complete the first two rakats i missed during mogrib prayer

what is the order at which the first two rakats missed behind imam will be completed interms of recitation of suurat, silent, loud and fathat.

am confuse if am to recite fathat and suurat loud with takbirat when standind for first missed rakat or not also the second rakat.

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In the hadith of the man who prayed badly, the prophet taught the mandatory aspects of the salaat, without which your prayer is considered invalid ("Go back and pray, for you have not prayed."). The recitation itself is explicitly commanded; how loud this recitation needs to be and how many suwara need to be recited is not mentioned at all.

Reciting a second suurah after Surat al-Fatihah for the first two raka'at of the prayer is well-established as the sunnah of the prophet. However, this recitation is not one of the obligatory parts of prayer:

...he who recites Umm al-Qur'an (i.e., Surat al-Fatihah), it is enough for him... (Sahih Muslim 4:780)

Reciting the Qur'an loudly during some salawaat and silently in others is also sunnah, especially when leading a congregational prayer, but it too is not obligatory:

...Sometimes [the prophet] would recite loudly and sometimes softly... (Sunan Abu-Dawud 1:226)

Whether you decide to pray the missed raka'at as if they were at the start of your salaat (by reciting out loud with an extra suurah) or at the end of your salaat (by reciting silently with no extra suurah), it is important to note that your prayer will be valid either way. This being the case, it is better for you to pray in whichever manner you are most comfortable, so as not to distract yourself with unease during the remainder of the salaat.

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asalaam aleykum thanks goldPseudo good question with good replies;

most important you do your prayers AlahmduLilaa think of those who do not!

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if those who do not pray they are going to be in vain and not us at the day of resurrection...and vice-versa...

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To explain: if you only prayed the last two rakat with imam in al isha and you missed the first two rakats, there is two opinions : (1)shafei's opinion : he said that this two rakat that you prayed with imam is considered as your first two rakats (they are considered as the last two rakats to the imam), so as they are your first two rakats, Shafei said not to loud with the last two rakats that we will pray by ourselves but they said that it is mustahab to read surah with al fatiha but it is not obligatory.....(2)Abu haneifa's opinion: he said that those two rakats that you prayed with the imam is considered as your last two rakats (they are considered as the last two rakats to the imam also) so, as they are your last two rakats, Abu haneifa said to loud with the two rakats that u will pray by yourself(those two rakats that you will pray by yourself are considered as your first rakats now) and Abu haniefa said that we should read surah with al fatiha.... Wa Allah a'lam

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