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Asalamualaikm brothers and sisters.
My question goes thus; I have worked in an organization that practices riba. I decided to leave cos i had issues concerning the use of my hijab. I decided to leave and was asked to write a letter stating that I left on my own accord without them having anything to do with it (very untrue). It wasn't really made official cos they wouldn't wanna lose muslim customers as a result of the publicity that would arise as a result of being religious biased. On leaving, I realized I was still paid my monthly salary and this has being going on for some months now. I was badly in need of cash few weeks ago and had to use some of the money. I haven't gone to return the some I took. Should I report to the authority of this organization about the mistake in the undue payment or should I take it as a recompense for leaving the organization or should I withdraw the money, including the one I spent and give it out in charity? I don't have the resources to pay back the amount I av spent. I plan on returning every kobo but i am afraid they would keep paying and I would be tempted. Should I still go ahead and report the mistake? Thou, I don't have the money to payback the amount spent? And risk the chance of my referees being aware, thereby causing shame and humiliation to them and me? This is really giving me concern.

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To loose the job for the sake of your religion is something that is highly appreciated and reward by Allah so do not look at as if you have lost anything because you have gained in the sight of Allah.

As for them sending you money monthly firstly it is their fault and second when you started to work for them the contract you have signed was that when you stop working for them the payment stops, therefore, your case would be appreciated because to be truthful is the dears and you should be aware that sooner or later they would realize what they have done and then they would take a harsher action against you but now you have the chance to inform them and negotiate with them on how to pay them the money you have spent and then they would have no choice but to agree with you as you came forward to inform them what a mistake they have made and that you have saved them more money and they would feel shame.

Allah says, [ Indeed, Allah loves the righteous [who fear Him] ] [ 9 v4 ] in your heart you know what is wright and wrong and I think your case the best way out for you is to do as I said above because you need to protect yourself and your religion and do not harm your future because of this money what we all know is when there is mistake from us or some one else is we try to correct it the best of ways and however is easier and may Allah make it easy for you. Allah knows best.

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