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Hello everyone My name is Mohsin Pathan. I am the student of PGDM. Right now I am in third Trimester. I just having one problem. Whenever I go for any presentation in front of 60 to 80 people, suddenly I got some nervousness or tension. So please give me some peace of advice so that I can free talk in public. And give me the solution according to the Quran and Hadith. Thank You

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practice in front of more people InshAllah your nervous rate will go down

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It is only natural to feel nervousness or tension and the best of us have this but it can also be extreme to the effect that it effect your life and can cause harm to you that is why Allah have said He Has not left anything out in the Qur'an, therefore, based on this word of Allah there is a cure for it and if followed would cure you and give you a confidence as not having confidence can be attributed to an illness.

This is your cure where Allah says, [Moses] said, "My Lord, expand for me my breast [with assurance] [20 v25] and also says, [And ease for me my task] [20 v26] and also says, [And untie the knot from my tongue] [20 v27] also says, [That they may understand my speech] [20 v28] If you say this your problem will vanish and you will feel different and any one else who has the same problem can use this verse as a cure.

Allah knows best.

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Before you say presentation, say Basmalah and al hamd. And remeber that you do this job for the sake of Allah not for those people, so make sure you do your best there... Read Quran also, it will help u alot be more confident.. And remeber tha if we do a work, Allah likes doing this job very well. (إن الله يحب إذا عمل أحدكم عملا أن يتقنه‏)‏‎ ‎.... Also smile when doing presentation and raise your voice to be more confident..... And may Allah help you.

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waalaykom salam w rahmat allah Sheikh was asked the same question by a person d he answred That - inchallah - it is temporary, and will not continue with you so much. But you also you should do a lot of prayer and doa'a and allah will help you sure

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