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Why do we muslims pray everyday?and that too 5 times a day??

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We all know that it was 50 prayers but then Allah made it only 5 prayers... Those prayers are the way to connect with our God.. We have 5 prayers separated in the day and the night, so that we can remember Allah all time. We need those prayers, Allah doesn't. The benfits that we get from those prayers according to hatdith narrated by Ali : first ((alfajr))< our prophet said "the sun rises between devil horns and kuffar prostrate for it. So any muslim who prays fajr for 40 days in a group, Allah will give him two‏ ‏innocences, one innocence of the fire and another innocence of hypocrisy">..... ((aldhuhr))<our prophet="" said="" "and="" al="" dhuhr="" prayer="" is="" in="" the="" time="" when="" the="" hell="" stokes.="" so="" any="" muslim="" who="" prays="" dhuhr="" prayer,="" allah="" will="" protect="" him="" from="" the="" heat="" of="" the="" hell="" at="" judgement="" day"="">....((alasr))< our prophet said " and al Asr prayer is in the time when Adam ate from the tree. So any muslim who prays Al asr prayer, he will be gotten out from his sins like the day his mom born him" then he added "حافظوا على الصلوات والصلاة الوسطى‏"‏‎ ‎>..... ((almaghria)) <our prophet="" said="" "="" and="" al="" maghrib="" prayer="" is="" in="" the="" time="" when="" allah="" forgived="" adam.="" so="" any="" muslim="" who="" prays="" al="" maghrib="" prayer‏="" ‏calculated="" then="" ask="" allah="" any="" thing,="" allah="" will="" give="" him="" what="" he="" need"="">..... ((alisha)) <our prophet said "and there is a darkeness in the tomb. So any muslim walks in the darkness of the night to pray isha, Allah will protect him from the fuel of hell fire and will give him a light to pass al Sirat‏(الصراط‏)‏ at the judgement day".... So this is the purpose of prayers. And there are alot things that only Allah knows it purpose and we should say‏(سمعنا وأطعنا‏)‏‎ we listened and obeyed....... Wa Allah a3lam

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Thanks for the detailed answer!!! The above hadith u have quoted,may i know the source??

Yes we are the main benefitters from praying!!Its a reminder for us to do good things and life in this world is just a test!!and to do good deeds n refrain from evil!!

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it is because we were made to worship allah we were created given many good things a nice house a place to sleep food water and in exchange we pray to allah and thank him and aside from that eve though it is simply enough that allah created us and given us wonderful gifts if we continue this prayer we recive paradise we were simply thanking allah for all the blessings and in return we get to spend the rst of our lives in paradise this is the best deal out there!! nohing on earht is worth more then this and as somone pointed out we were supposed to pray even more but from allah mercy the prayer dosent consume most of our lives not even half or a forth all together i would say my prayers are three hours out of twenty-four imagine that we have the rest of the day to live i feel like its still ot enough when i look at all the blessings i recive in exchange so be thankful when you pray and know that you will be rewarded for simply giving a thanks because allah is the most merciful

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Subhan'Allāh!! all praise to allah!! Thank u for the answer!!

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why where u created, hav u ever tot of it? tink of it & find the link 2ur answer.

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Dear sister, when a non muslim asked me the same question!!the answer i had was the same!!divine order for preventing us from falling into the traps of shaitans evil and mischief. But I feel there is more to it!!thats why i posted this question. i wan be strong in my beliefs and give strong reasoning when im asked or when im to represent my belief. Im hurt and disappointed with the way u have answered by pulling me personally in. First we need to perfect ourselves before inviting others. So thats what im doing. Allah alone is to judge!May allah forgive u!

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my answer wasnt to hurt you no doubt ALLAH knows my have questioned it in the wrong way... me awat any body who would have saw it will answer like this... you should be keen in asking your should have said that a non muslim has asked me why we pray five times and not why we muslims pray five timesa day...

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Its a misunderstandin clearly!! First time i joined this site!!so i din know how it works!!i still don know!!anyway thanks hereafter will try avoidin such misunderstandings in my questions!!

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