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in islam: what is the position of a person who inherrited a bad character?

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There is two reasons to prevent a heir from taking his inheritance: (1) killing : all scholars said that any killer doesn't take his inheritance because our prophet said "there is not an inheritance for a killer" "ليس للقاتل ميراث‏"‏‎ ‎ ....... (2) difference of religions : as our prophet said " non muslim doesn't inherit a muslim and a muslim doesn't inherit a non muslim" "لا يرث المسلم الكافر ولا يرث الكافر المسلم‏" ‏‎ ‎ ......... If the heir was muslim and didn't kill before but he is a bad person, he should get his inheritance.... Wa Allah a3lam

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there is somthing we call over here being an agent of change it means that you look at the bad side affect at this of what you have inherited you level it out see how it affects you in a posotive and negative matter and if you feel like it does a lot of negative you try your best to stop it and hide it the only way somone inherit sit is if they see theirparents doing it for example smoking you would see how much it harms your body and how much money it spends and you relize its bad you try your best to stop and in islam we are supposed to stop but if for some reson you decide to continue.....istaghfaraallah... you dont allow your childen to inherit this you hide it and you dont show them do this and explain to them how bad it is

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