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many people arent specific about the questions they ask.... people should be reasonable about what their doubts are about and write it in a simple language as many others including me are confused about what people ask...dear questioners ,please be more precised about what you ask.. i want to hear answers from everyone..!!

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i belive many of the people who ask questions are not from contries that speak english they may not know the correct grammer or words for things and some even try to write in their language i know that many of us know arabic but questions in urdu and iother languges dont get answered i tried to translate them but it was still pretty confusing and thoe who actually try to write in english dont really knw how that is why we edit question

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Perhaps it would then be more helpful if people who did know urdu/etc and other languages to translate for the people asking the questions e.g. for the translation would be what are is the basis/fundamental points of religion (understood as Islam)

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I agree with you, they should explain the situation first and the purpose of their questions but also we should be understanding.... :)

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