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Many of us always hear Islamic law (which is applicable to person who is in peace by submitting his will to one true God, in Arabic that person is called Muslim) is out dated and not fit for modern world.

When we hear such question when, and when we get doubt then let us ask ourselves, whether human nature will changes with time. Does modern human has different basic nature than previous human?

If your mind gives you answer NO then.

Investigate unbiased manner from where this Islamic law came from.

Then you will understand it is from true creator of universe who is also created all human being. He revealed book in Arabic to one of his chosen servant about 1400 years ago who was illiterate (who does not know how to read or write). Even though this book is revealed for the duration of 23years does not contain any contradictions and Talks about modern science, and not in contradiction with any of established modern science. This book contain more than 6000 verses and more than 604 pages which is memorized (word by word and letter by letter) billions of people around the world among them more than 80% of them are non-arabs who does not understand arabic. This book is in unaltered form from more than 1400 years. It challenges to entire human being that if anyone doubts about the origin of this book ,then to produce single chapter similar to it which is less than half page or which of three verses. It also challenges to find contradiction in it. Person to whom this book has been revealed has practiced and demonstrated way of life based on this book.
Each moment of his life has been recorded and his companion practiced the same and passed it to next generation. In short Islamic law is derived from Book of creator of universe who created entire universe, which is demonstrated by his messenger, as understood & practiced by his companion and next generation.

Next Question is who can understand the nature of human being better than creator of human being himself ?

Next question is if human nature does not change with time law given by creator of human being can get outdated or has to change with time?

Therefore O you who follower the creators way of life, be proud to follow your way of life. Never compromise never be ashamed of your practice. But only ensure your practice confirms with Quran as interpreted and practiced by prophet Muhammad(peacebe upon him) as understood implemented in their life by his companion and next generation. When you practice that way, your creator will be with you.

“Allah created all things and he is agent on which all things depends”---- Quran chapter 39: Verse 62

“And No calamity strikes except by Allah’s permission”---Quran chapter 64: Verse 11

The above concept is elaborated by Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) by saying: “Be aware that if the whole mankind gathered together in order to do something to help, they would only be able to do something for you which Allah had already written for you. Like wise , if the whole mankind gathered together to harm you, they would only be able to do something to harm you which Allah had already would written would happens to you”---Reported by ibn abbas and collected by At-Tirmidi. See Ezzeddin Ibrahim and Deny Jhonson –Davies, Annawawi’s forty Hadith,(Eng Trans)(Damascus Syria ,holy Koran publishing house 1976) P68 No 19.

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I think this would be better broken up into two posts: One post posing the actual question, the remainder posted as it's own answer.

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Absolutely Law of Creator of universe will never become out dated.

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I Agree Islamic law can not get outdated as human basic nature will not change with time

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asalaam aleykum

i think we Muslims are outdated but NOT...the Islamic laws;

not just Islamic but which religion laws are now being implemented?

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I think islamic instruction never outdates but muslims do not act as the koran ordered. "and if they believe in the like that which you (the companions)believe then they are rightly guided."the cows verse 137

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