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so lets say you wadu for zhur without socks, and an hour later use the washroom, then wadu for asr with socks. that is permissible?

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The whole point of wiping over your sock is when you brake your wudu priory of having wudu before you put your sock on, for example you made wudu at dhuhur and you put your sock on and prayed dhuhur and after dhuhur your wudu broke so when you re new your wudu you wipe over your sock and you can keep doing it for a day and night, for example you had a wudu at dhuhur and you put your sock on and after every time you brake your wudu you keep wiping over your sock until next day Asar time and then you have to take them of to wash your feet for a new wudu, and the evidence is as follows,

Ali [ra] reported that the Prophet [saw] determined three days and accompanying nights for a traveler and a night and a day for the resident. Recorded by Muslim. Allah knows best.

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