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λssαłαм-υ-λłα¡kυм ωαяαhмατυłłαh¡ ωαbαrαkατυhσσσσ .... I am a boy of 16. I couldn't control my temper? How could i control it??

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JazakAllah.. Many thanks to All.. I liked all the Answers. Masha-Allah..

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  1. Patience and endurance
  2. Controlling ones self by remembering the consequences of ones anger, and the virtue of restraining by saying I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed devil.
  3. at time of anger one should a. Perform wudu b. Change the condition that arrises anger. C. Resort to silence d. Remember Allah subhana WA taala might and power. E. Remember Allah subhana WA taala leniency of his worshipers.
  4. Anger is a source of wrong doing for it leads to loss of mind.
  5. Don't get angry.
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sit down and breath slowly and remember allah i know easier said then done but try

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why don't do sunnah fasting every monday and thursday?

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Perform ablution, you will be able to pacify your anger Insha Allah......i dont know its authentication source however, it is authenticated i believe......if i get to know, i wil be posting it....

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say 'LA HAUL WALA KUVVAT ILLA BILLAHIL ALIYYUL AZEEM...' whenever you are angry..... as anger is from shaitan and when you say this he runs away and you will calm down inshallah....

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The sisters already answered your questions and may Allah reward them but I only want to add a bit more Insha'Allah.

When you get angry if your standing up sit down and if your still angry lay down on your right side and if your still angry get up and do wudu, this is the advise giving by the Prophet [saw] and he further said if a man controls his anger and at that moment he is angry he is capable of taking revenge and he doesn't and controls his anger at the day of judgment Allah will call that man in front of all creation and Allah will call to the woman of Jannah and say to the man choice any of those woman [hur] you want, and that is because he controlled his anger once while he was in this world so imagine the one who controls his anger all the time.

And also make du'a over a glass of water and drink it as Allah have said, [When He made the slumber fall upon you as a reassurance from him and sent down water from the sky upon you, that thereby He might purify you, and remove from you the fear of Satan, and make strong your hearts and firm (your) feet thereby] [8 v11] Allah here says, [and remove from you the fear of Satan] this means when the prophet [saw] and his companion drunk the rain water Allah cured them from the Waswasa whispering of shaitan and that is because they made du'a to Allah, like wise your anger is from shaitan and this will cure you Insha'Allah. Allah knows best.

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Anger is from the devil and the devil is from fire and water extinguishes fire, so when u feel angry, do ablution as our prophet told us... you should also remeber that the one who control his anger, he will win jannah and forgiveness. Allah says (وسارعوا إلى مغفرة من ربكم و جنة عرضها السماوات أعدت للمتقين. الذين ينفقون في السراء والضراء والكاظمين الغيظ والعافين عن الناس و الله يحب المحسنين) always remeber this and make it your goal... anger always gets bad effects. and the prophet adviced a man again and again by saying" don't be come angry".... Read surat Al Nas. and may Allah help you. :)

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look at all of the blessings you were given always remember why you are on this earth remember that there are bigger problems in the world read quran to calm you down there are many things to do there was a man in the rasools time that had the biggest anger problems and they said once he accepted islam he became very peaceful because islam was a peacful religion when you are in this religion and follow it corectly there is no way you can be angry all the time there is a soulution to everything and this life is but a day compared to the afterlife so anger will not do anything for you and you wont even remember the reasons of anger the next day and keep that in mind that we are visitors in this world so any discomfort or anger you have will pass quickly so there is no reason to waste your time in that state of anger and just keep thinking insha-allah there will be none of these bad emotions in al-akhira

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