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Does Islam allow unmarried men and women to live together if it is purely for ecnomic reasons and no sexual activity is involved eg. students of opposite sex sharing a house to save money.

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assalamo alaykom brother islamic law and command of allah and nabi-e- kareem (saws) forbade any muslim men are women to have any sort of exposure to opposite sexes so considering any kind of leniancy for any kind of situation is not healthy decision cause allah has orderd us not to cross the set limits and brother living with a girl for might be any reason is crossing those limits. pray to allah and ask for his help he vil accomadate u in a better situation cause he is the best of help and every thing beholds him " none has the power or authority over anything but allah has"

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assalamo alaykom people sould avoid mixing as much as possible Because it leads to serious consequences The Messenger of Allah - mohamed - peace be upon him: "i don't Left behind me any fitnah more harmful to men than women."

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