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ARE THESE HADIS TRUELY Written in SAHIH BUKHARI?? Does Buhkari Explain the Quran? In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful [Quran 69:43 43 (This is) a Message sent down from the Lord of the Worlds. 44 And if the apostle were to invent any sayings in Our name, 45 We should certainly seize him by his right hand, 46 And We should certainly then cut off the artery of his heart: 47 Nor could any of you withhold him (from Our wrath). 48 But verily this is a Message for the Allah.fearing.

In Quran Allah Prohibits the messenger not add anything in the name of Allah and he obeyed this commandment of Allah. While after 200 years all of a sudden four so called Imams emerged and started to collect so called hearsay (પૂર્વજો પાસેથી સાંભળેલી વાતો, கேள்வியறிவு , सुनी हुई बात, سنی سنائ بات, شنید, الإشاعة And developed new science of collecting and writing hearsay(they termed it as HADIS and they labeled them to believe as equal to Quran!! 140,000 Sahaba (R.A.) was with Hazrat Mohamed (S.A W.) in his last Hajj. There are not a single documentary evidence that anyone dared to write anything. 4 Calipha of Islam did not ventured to write, teach or tabliq anything but Quran and purely Quran. They could have appointed thousands scholars to write volumes of Ahadis as they were the kings. Almost after 7 to 8 generation in order to gain cheap popularity and in the false name of Din (to Please Allah for New Innovation) these 4 Imam not only fabricated din but divided the Umma into 4 sects.

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the prophet never added anything to allahs words even if some of the things the prophet said wasent in the quran there are hadith qudsi which are hadiths that werent in the quran but allah sent gabriel to tell him. also, the prophet always says he only curses what allah displeases. and lastley there is a surah that says what the prophet commands of you is what i command of you. The prophet didnt add anything to the name of allah that allah hadent said even if it wasent in the quran the prophet recived revelation through dreams and when he acended to heaven but the quran only has what was revealed to the prophet when he was conciouss and on earth eerything that is in the name of allah came from allah it may be passed our comprehension level that the prophet had a stonger conection to allah than we did, but that is why the prophet shared with us what allah revealed only to him.

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i have gone to the link and searched up the hadiths that they have written they are misinterpreted the prophet says that he the people missing prayer when the muathin is calling is like they are burning in there houses it dosent say he burned people they are taking segments of a hadith and twisting it dont always belive what on the internet unless you see it for yourself

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istaghfar allah the hadith about undressing women? the prophet isnt undressing aisha it says allah presented him a peice of cloth he said unwrap it when he unwrapped it it was aisha its like opening a present he wasnet undressing her in his dreams that is sick dont trust this website!

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