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I would like to know the Sahi Hadith reagrding Hijab with humps. Is it really haram? One of friends is having hard time to maintain hijab as she is to love dressing up with humps and now she is under depression as she heard humps are not allowed. Please enlighten me with quoting hadith number and volume from Bukhari Sharif please.

Thanks in advance. FAM

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@Fam, it is best if you could post a clear, specific question in the title field. This helps others understand more clearly what you're asking. It's easy to edit this. Yours might be better as "Is Hijab with humps really haram?" or something like that.

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The question itself is alright I have fixed the title. Welcome to @rickross

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what does it mean by hijab with humps

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My dear Muslim sister pls becareful, do not wear camel hump hijab.

Many muslimahs are taking this trend and forgeting that it is wrong for them to wear hijab in the camel humb style. The bigger you do the hump the more you look like an alien. Muslimahs that wear the camel hump style are cursed. The Prophet(saw) also stated that, "there will be in the last of my ummah, scantily dressed women, the hair on the top of their head is like a camel hump, cursed them, for verily they are cursed"(at tabaran and sahih Muslim)

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The hadith in question: Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) said: There will be in the last of my ummah, scantily dressed women, the hair on the top of their heads like a camel’s hump. Curse them, for verily they are cursed. [At-Tabarani and Sahih Muslim]

Now, I know that there are probably different interpretations or viewpoints on this hadith, but another issue comes to my mind as well, and that is the issue of deceit. Many of us know that Muslim women should not wear wigs because that is a form of deceit – leading people to believe that you have hair that you really don’t have. Is wearing all of this “volume” under your hijab doing the same thing? Is it leading people to believe that you have more hair than you really do? Personally, I am a “to each her own” type of person. I feel that we should be judged by our intentions and since God is the only One who knows our intentions, He should be the only One who judges us.

That being said: What are your thoughts on this hijab style and the trend of wearing things under your hijab to make it look really big? Do you even like the way this looks or do you think it looks strange?

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hadis not saying haram and it need another condition for being cursed and for not able to entering paradise. I see this as a warning not an instruction.

Abû Hurayrah relates that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “There are two categories among the inhabitants of Hell whom I have not encountered.

  1. The first are people who carry whips like the tails of cows and beat the people with them.
  2. The second are women, clothed yet naked, drawn to licentiousness and enticing others to it, their heads like the swaying humps of camels.

they will neither enter Paradise nor even smell its fragrance, though its fragrance can be found to a great distance. [Sahîh Muslim (2127]

we should not judge women just by their hijab style.

another translations: versi1 versi2

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Hijab should not attract opposite sex. It should be simple.

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