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Assalam alaikum,is it good to blow a hot food with your mouth to prevent it from burning your tongue?

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there is a difference between permissable and good if you mean pemissable of course it is because as we know everything is halal unless stated otherwise but good just means if its benefitial to you or if good comes from it so it is permissable to do it now is it good to do it well i dont see any benifit other than it wont burn you but the same will come if you wait a couple minutes and about what al ummat said it dosent make sense that germs get all over because germs will get on your fod when it comes into your mouth anyway but if your sharing your food with somone else then it would be a problem if you were blowing on the food because then you would expose a germ to somone who dosent have the same as you then they will get sick... but thats a lesson for health class.......

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it isn't that germs get on the food, because germs are everywhere , it is if you are sick you do not want to get other people sick if it is air born germs.

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It's sunnah not to blow hot food

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