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my son is often ill.someone told me his name is too heavy,should i change it.his name is MUHAMMAD ALI MAHMOOD

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His name is too heavy? That does not make sense.

As for his name, mashallah it's beautiful.

How about Muhammad Abdallah Al-muslim? That's a nice name :)

Anyway brother, If he is ill often first dua'a to the Creator Al-Rahman first.

Second give him Zam zam water and read basmilah basm al shaf al mafi, After that if he is still showing constant sickness, take him to a sheikh and ask him to read qur'an upon him, may Allah cure him and strengthen his immune system and protect him from the Shatan.

Also brother watch out who you take him too, choose someone with a beard who looks kind (beard is sunni and the people the closest to Allah follow the sunni of the prophet muhamd (it is a fard actually but you research it online) and If he asks for the child's mothers name leave, he is then a sorcerer If he uses anything OTHER then the Qur'an or does not read outloud then leave, I was once tricked into believing someone like that was helping me but he only did me more harm.

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