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Assalam alaikum,i live with my family whereby my elder sister plays music in d mornin and afternoon wich i dont like at all and if i told her that she is disturbing me she use to say that am rude,so i stoped to tel ha because i dont want to be rude to my sister,help me and tel me what to do please.

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Thank you all

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Wa Alaikum Assalaam. Bro,you can Also Understand ur sister in a calm way.. Then say We are Muslim,i.e Our Religion Is Islam.. And In Islam,Music is Haraam except Dough<duff> or One side Drum.. Also Pray to Almighty Allah for your Sister.. Hope the Answer of the Question.

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ha ha my sisters are the same they like to play music outloud i simply explained to them that i dont like to listen to music because its haram i also warned them that it is haram and i said im not gonna force you not to listen to it just please consider that i dont listen to it and use headphones because if i began playing quran outload they would also get angry saying im forcing them to listen to it it would be the same with music you cannot force somone to listen to it, and if she dosent have headphones buy her some so at least you wont listen to the music also do what i said above play quran outloud and see what she says so you can show her you feel the same about the music

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Tell her it is haram, it brings the shatan to the house and it will cause more arguments and bad moods, tell her to listen to Qur'an instead, if she doesn't listen tell your parents to tell her because they have more influence.

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