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The name Jehovah, appears at least 6000 times in the Bible, and yet the name Allah is not mentioned one time, why?

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It has been translated, the original text may still exist I believe I saw something on youtube it was with a Rabbi who had a huge collection of ancient scriptures.

(Apr 29 '12 at 13:31) Mohamad_Islam Mohamad_Islam's gravatar image

allah is just an arabic word if the quran is in arabic of course allah is going to be in arabic the bible also says god and yaweh and father all different words and even with all these words we know they arent the true ones the bible is translated whoever translated it said god and yaweh and jehovah but what was the original word, only allah knows. i just feel more confortable saying allah the most unconfortable word for me would be God just because backwards its dog it sounds silly but it just dosent feel right to me

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i was just informed that allah is used in the bible, just not the one you read, it was used in the armenic bible,and it used the word elaha so even jesus called allah shouldnt assme that allah wasent used when you dont read the original bible but just a translated one, its like me saying allah isnt in the quran when i read a translated text of the quran

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You misspelled Aramaic so I don't know about elaha, where do you find this word in the original, what chapter?

(May 03 '12 at 10:16) Athanasius Athanasius's gravatar image

'Let the Name of God be blessed for ever and ever'" (lehevei shemei di-ELAHA mevarakh min-'alma ve-'ad alma) (Dan. 2:20)

(May 03 '12 at 14:09) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image

as you can see they translated the bible every time it said elaha they would change it to god

(May 03 '12 at 14:14) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image

although i cannot currently find an aramaic bible i found an old hebrw one and this charecter אֱלֹהֵי

is used all throughout the hebrew bible instead of god although it is translated to god i looked it up how you pronounce it and it is pronounced elahey which sounds very similar to elaha

(May 03 '12 at 19:34) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image

Yes, the jews felt that the name of God was to sacred to pronounce.

(May 04 '12 at 10:19) Athanasius Athanasius's gravatar image

yesturday two jehovas witnesses came by my house as they do every week and they handed my mother an arabic bible and guess what? every time they traslated "god" it said allah so if they translate god to allah they must have done it the other way around too elaha to god and also this shows that even the scholors that transalted the bible recognize that we worship the same god

(May 04 '12 at 13:20) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image

They are a cult and the Bible they use was rewritten and it really is corrupt in some suttle ways, so don't trust anything they say as coming from christians because they are not. I have worked with a couple of them, we are friends but I have heard enough of there ideas for a life time. Next time you should give them a Quran in english. Maybe they translated to Allah to seduce Muslams into thinking they agree with your beliefs.

(May 04 '12 at 19:16) Athanasius Athanasius's gravatar image

so you can belive that their bible is rewritten and thus it is corrupt but you have absoulutly no idea what muslims think of christians when we say the bible was rewritten thus making it corrupt sounds pretty hypocritical to me you do relize what you just said basically contradicts everything you belive in your own bible your bible was rewritten too look at your own religion before you critisize others

(May 04 '12 at 20:50) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image

Charles Russell, who started the JW (Watch tower society) could not read Greek, Aramaic, or Hebrew, in fact his only bible was the KJ. He obviously did not have a grasp of ancient history either. He said that, based on the prophesy by Jesus mentioned in Luke 21:24, the kingdom of jahovah would come in 1914. Actually it was a prophesy of the Romans laying siege to Jerusalem and destroying the temple. Russell died in 1916 after his prediction did not happen. They do not believe that there is a hell or that you have a soul, when you die you just lay in the grave until the last day and then...

(May 05 '12 at 00:45) Athanasius Athanasius's gravatar image

144,000 jahova's witnesses will go to heaven and the ones left will stay on earth, as gardeners. Do you really think that came from the Bible or did he just dream up a good story and fool a whole lot of people.

(May 05 '12 at 00:52) Athanasius Athanasius's gravatar image
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