Is it because they occupy there homeland, the land given to them by God? If it is Gods will then what can you do. If it is not Gods will then they will be gone. Why all the hate?

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even if you think jerusalem belongs to them where in the world does haffa come in or yaffa or gaza and why are they trying to build near my city a whole two hours away from jeruslam why do they kill people to force them out of homes why do they kill children which have no say in what they do where they are they kill women that cant even defend themselves even if you do belive jerusalem belongs to them trying to occupy every other city in palestine isnt within their rights i dont belive it belongs to them im just making a point but you have never seen real footage or in real life them killing somone so you cant really understand how violent it gets at least the palestinians wage a fair war ad refuse to kill civillians and like men they attack real soilders but they are dirty cheaters that kill civillians and put kids throwing rocks in jail my uncle was 15 when he was in jail for throwing a rock at least he wasent from those who were killed for sleeping in their house at night you only see what the media puts out their when you see it and expirence it in real life you will understand.

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Voted up, beautiful reply, I am Palestinian on my mothers side ^_^

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You kill them, they kill you, it will never end will it? As far as your uncle being jailed NesreenA you live in the USA, what do you think would happen if you through a rock at a cop car?

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a police cop is not the same thing as a soilder they were actually fighting too a police protects not fights secondly somone under 15 isnt tried as an adult unless its a murder case and lastley they dont do it without a trial my uncle had no trial

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im palestinian on both sides as far as i know which is 7 generations back im palestian 100 percent

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NesreenA, I would say that throwing stones at soldiers was just plain foolish, he's lucky he wasn't shot, and I would say the same thing if he was a Jew throwing stones at Palestinian soldiers.

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what would you say about a jew killing people? killing women and children it may seem foolish to you but you dont relize that they are killing people the same race as me

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The hate comes from the invasion of Palestine.

The fight is for Jerusalem, they want it.

So they invaded are killing kids women, innocent people, toturing them doing all in there power to take down the population and take over Jerusalem, in attempt to demolish Dome of rock so they may build a temple over it, It's part of their plan for New world order, I believe they are allied with the Illuminati (America, britain, Canada, austrilia) IN this attempt but for that too work they must have population support, make muslims seem like the enemy no one will riot.

Stop muslims from uniting and taking down Israel and kicking their asses out of Palestine, Etc.

That's their quest, that is why there is hate.

because they have already waged war against Islam, they just haven't "announced" it yet.

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There will never be another Temple. They brought the destruction of the last Temple on themselves. If that fool in Iran, mahmoud ahmadinejad, uses a nuclear weapon on them a lot of Palestinians will be killed also.

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I just found this book that goes a long way in explaining everything, not just Palestine. The Balfour Declaration: The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict By Jonathan Schneer

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i already know the whole story i learned it in america and in the middle east so i know which views are bias becasuse i hear both sides of the story, but my religous views on the land will forever surpass any contract agreement or war that they may impose to keep muslims out of palestine its a matter of jerusalem and the genocide they cause not who technically ownes the land based on the u.n's desicion

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