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asalamwalykum, i have no idea what to do, my mother is extremely mad at me. i have always been a bad child to her eveen since i was a little kid. But this time i think i have over done it, i dont even think the word sorry is enough this time. my father doesnt even want to talk to me as well. my father is calling me so many names as well as my mom. my mother has made the worst duas for me, people tell me the mothers dua is powerful. Its not fair, theres nothing i can do now, my life is over. this is all because of a conflict that i have had with my mother, and the bad actions i have taken. my whole family hates me now. i think they have had enough of me, and i think i should die now. i dont want to ruin their life anymore. im a bad person, i tried talking to my mother, but i guess there nothing i can do now. its either i leave this family with allah by my side, or another desicion i could take with the fellow muslim comunity. thanks :'(

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plese choose which question you would like to keep up and delete the other they are almost identical and you will recive the same advice

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i dont know how to delete it :( how do you do it??

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there is a button next to the tags that says delete

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Brother,dont Wish to die as it is Haraam. Bro,pray to Allah about ur problems. Also,when u will talk with your mother,talk calmly. Weep infront of your Mother,and say her that forgive you. Insha-Allah,All problems will be Solved. Be patient brother,have Patience.. Brother,Allah dont Give Problems without Solutions.

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i have said sorry to her many times throughout my life, and i have repeated my mistakes. during the conflict i have had with her, i was talking calmly and she was the one who was shouting, which caused me to shout as well. i dont even think allah will forgive me now

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I answered your question on the other topic.

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Allah will forgive you if you ask for forgiveness .. keep silnce when she is shouting .. just listen to her that will let her stop shouting be happy cause you have mother taking to you ..

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Do not leave the house without her forgiving you. My grandmother made a bad dua on her son (my uncle) and he left the house. And after that day.. he lived 12 years bad years filled with sadness accidents sicknesses. Do whatever it takes to get her forgiveness. Turn to Allah .. Raise your hands after you pray, ask for his forgiveness and help in winning your mother back. BE True to yourself and Allah. Repent CRY! Tears of Regret ! And that's when you know you are true to self. Parents are either your heavens or hellfires Our prophet Muhammed (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said about the mother .." stay at her feet then rewarded heaven. That shows how we should be and treat our .. but look at the reward.

Do not let another second pass by when she isn't pleased by you... do whatever it takes and don't stop trying even if takes u years!!!!

My Allah help you and guide you.. good luck brother

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