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i dont know what to do. my mother is really mad at me and doesnt even want to look at me. every time i have caused a problem, i say sorry at the end. but i now think i have caused problems for her and said sorry way to many times. i think it would be silly and foolish if i told her sorry again. also i dont even think what i have done to her can be forgiven with a simple sorry.

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people take a long time untill they can forgive you a simple word of sorry somtimes dosent cut it they have to see that you have really changed if they dont see that there is no way she can forgive you once more so you can go and hurt her again parents want to see that they raised a good person and when they see their children make mistakes they not only get angry at you but themselves too and this is somthing that you have to understand which makes them unable to forgive you because deep down they also blame themselves and the only thing that can fix it is if they see that they have actually raised a very good person. i suggest you stay away from bad influences stop going to places she dosent like do good stuff that she likes keep helping her even if she is mad that you are by her try to fix the mistake you caused and treat her with absoulute kindness even if she is cold towords you eventually when she realizes that you have changed and you prove to her that you will ot make the same mistakes as you previously did then she will forgive you. And if the mistake you have caused is somthing that allah also displeases i suggest you seek allahs forgivness as well. please change for your mother forgivness and allah forgivness and hopfully they will insha allah forgive you

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Ask Allah for forgiveness, then beg your mother for forgiveness, kiss her hand, cry too her, and truly seek guidance from your mistake, so that you never repeat it, if you a truly sorry you will not do it again, and if you truly won't repeat this mistake, and you give her an honest apology from your heart because you love her and can't stand her being displeased with you, then she will surly forgive you inshallah.

Don't repeat your mistake, whatever it may have been.

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