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Asalaam Aalikum I am a Muslim boy of 16 years...My current height is 5.6 feet ( 171 cm ). . I want that my height must be 6.0 feet (183 cm).. what should I do... JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR

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what do you mean?

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How can i increase my Height

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hmm brother you have good height you should do nothing in my opinion just leave it should increase naturally in coming years. always go for natural products in case if you need height increase.

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Wa aleykum salam ar rahmatullah wa barakatuh

You will reach the height Allah has decided for you, simply. You are a teenage boy, your growth is not even over yet. Also, if your parents (and your ancestors) are taller than 5.6 feet, you will probably be taller, otherwise you are going to be of an average height, but maybe not 6 feet... However, why do you want to be 6 feet tall? Is physique so important for you? Your size will not make you enter Paradise. I am not sure Allah will help you increasing you height: don't try to please anyone but Allah.

If you want, make duas and Allah will perhaps grant your wish...

I hope this answers your question.

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eat a lot of protein. consume calcium for bone growth. all around balance in diet will help. execise. some studies have said that moderate weight lifting stimulates bone growth. i wouldn't run long distances though. the impact can compact the spine.

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