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I am a 19 yr old muslim girl i am very upset with my home life there is always a tussle over certain issues between me amd my father.actually my father is a bit short tempered and due to this he loses his control over his tongue quickly . Because of this problem he is not having good relations with people. Another problem is that he only thinks he is right and never considers others opinion.he never thinks in terms of other man's opinion.he gets rash over small matters.i as a child think that this is wrong . As a parent doesn't want his child to do wrong things or will get angry over his childs mistakes or wants to correct him where he is wrong same is the case with a child too . How could an offspring bear that his parents are talking ill of others or are not doing good. Doesn't his /her conscience awaken him/her. Plz help me I am very depressed because whenever i intervene in such matters my parenrs think that I am a bad child of theirs I am not obedient. I dont want to disrespect them neither have I ever intended that. I love my parents very much I dont want to hurt them . Plz dont think that I am speaking bad of my parents. Plz help me how could I help thos mattrr and can make my home life happy .if u help me u will earn alot of swaab

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