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why does saudi have one ruler who commands all of saudis to obey allah, why dont they punish the royal families for their trangression towards allahs command

salamu 'alaykum

first let me help you understand, allah revealed revelations to muhammad(saw)over 23 years the quran then was compiled and now we have many qurans today.

allah revealed to muhammad (saw) that
i have not created mankind and jinn except to worship me
and obey allah and his messenger in order to obtain mercy

so its seems as if there are many leaders in the country the scholars as well as the politicians and the king. THERE SHOULD BE ONE KHALIFA and there should be total obedience in saudi arabia because of the opportunity they have to recommend everyone who disobeys allah.

there should be one leader of saudi arabia and making sure all of saudi arabia is obeying allah. he should send many more pious men who will enjoin good and forbid evil enjoining what allah has made obligatory and forbiding what allah has forbidden to EVERYONE who disobeys allah

allah says recommend another to the truth

more pious men should be sent to stop all things that allah has forbidden for example there are woman whose hair may not be completely tucked in their hijab and the pious men(so called muttaween) should be their to recommend people to he truth

they should be everywhere recoomending one another to the truth. If a man has trousers below his ankle the pious men apointed by the khalifa and his scholars that help him to recommend people to the truth.

if there are segregated areas, like in masjid al haram there is a place to drink water only for woman, but unfortunately men mix with women and drink water there aswell and the same happens where drinking is for men, women drink water there as well. the pious men (muttaween) should recommend people to the truth. they should allow them to realise that allah has forbidden men and woman from mixing with each other.

the scholars of islam should be stronger, after the prophets death, abu bakr was the khaleefa then umar al khattab then uthman al affan etc.

finally there should be one khalifa and it should be a pious one,

it seems as if there are people who would listen to the king and who obey allah and his messenger(muhammad) the king should not be the khalifa as he does not carry out the law of allah and does not obey allah and he is not knowledgable in islam. but rather he may be a beleiver.

allah (swt) revealed many laws, allah has forbidden dancing, singing, mixing between men and women,alcohol, zina

and has placed punishments for sins and they must be carried out, the prophet commanded people to punish those who disobeyed allah, and also told that we shouldnt punish those who seek forgiveness of allah.

so if the king disobeys allah then he should be punished, if the royal family diobeys allah then he should be punished

so WHY DONT the scholars in saudi arabia punish the royal family for transgressing allahs commands.

everyone in saudi should make sujood to allah. EVERYONE should obey allah and his messenger i hope you should understand

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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

You're absolutely right. The 'kingship' in Saudi Arabia is unIslamic. And it is known that not ruling by what Allah سبحانه و تعالى revealed is disbelief. So Islamically, those rulers should be removed and a pious leader should be elected. But obviously the Saudi government is oppressive and seeks to silence anyone who undermines it. They have sold themselves to the life of this world.

Concerning the scholars, the ones who speak about the illegitimacy of Saudi Arabia's governing rulers are the ones who get imprisoned. SubhanAllah. Imprisoned only because they spoke the truth and called for Allah's سبحانه و تعالى religion to dominate and for false, oppressive systems to be removed. Imprisoned because they call for Jihad, which Allah سبحانه و تعالى prescribed. And the rulers know this would take away their power, status, & money. And they don't want that. They try to bribe these scholars with liberation & with money/status on the condition that they retract their statements and tell the people that Saudi rulers are legitimate rulers. But Alhamdulillah, those who fear Allah سبحانه و تعالى and understand Tawheed would prefer imprisonment/death over something like that.

Then you have those who are commonly paraded as scholars in the Kingdom. The "government-scholars" who are in reality the rulers' puppets. They have fallen into fitnah, by being close to the rulers. Allah سبحانه و تعالى knows best as to why. Maybe some feel terrorized by them. Some of them enjoy status and security with the rulers, so they do not speak the truth against them. This is actually bringing dishonor upon them, and they are part of the problem (by becoming an obstacle). The true scholars & mujahideen have issued statements to these people, telling them to [only] fear Allah سبحانه و تعالى who it Witness over them, and to come to the correct way of truth & honor/dignity & success. May Allah سبحانه و تعالى guide them.

Then there are the people there themselves who have been severely brainwashed by the government media over decades. Your average Muslim in SA is ignorant. Those few who go/call for jihad or speak against the government also get imprisoned. As for the main body of Mujahideen, they are focused on defensive jihad right now, against the most aggressive enemies (e.g in Afghanistan, Al-Sham, etc). But إن شاء الله one day, the affairs of SA will be set straight as well.

And yes. The Ummah is waiting for the True Khilafah to rise.

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