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Whenever i take a shower that lasts more than 2 min in hot water, i rub my skin, this white/gray stuff comes out from every part of my body. Now I know this are dead skins, but the problem is this thing in the back side is usually blackish which is due too dirt i am sure... now it is nearly impossible to take this our from my back... I cant reach all parts... even though i can reach most of them, but it takes like 2-3hrs.... now thats really long for ghusl... I loose all my energy in doing ghusl and then loose concetration for salah...

So what should I do? No matter how long i will do, I am certain that some of them will be left... So is my ghusl invalid? Do they prevent water from going in? Do i need to remove them? And its not possible to ignore such thing saying its waswas... you can clearly see it... Please help... this is eating my head :/

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