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I am a new muslim convert who married a man who has been Muslim all his life we married a year ago and as soon as we did it seemed then he didn't know who he wanted me or his ex girlfriend that just would not leave him alone she found out where we lived and busted our windows out all the time but with all the harm she caused us he still would leave me ssome nights for her they would post pictures and stuff on facebook but then he always came running back. I'm at a point with him a year into our marriage and I feel we can never get what little marriage we had back I just want to move on without sin but he is dragging his feet on divorece I have gone to imam that married us with request for khula and since my husband is in a different state then I am now the Imam wanted to call my husband to speak with him and let him know he was giving me khula now I'm not sure what was said on the phone but at the end of it the imam set an appointment to meet with my husband si he can be there when I get the khula and when they hung up the phone the imam was very upset with me said I lied to him came in there and decieved him but I didn't my husband must have lied. My husband left me kept going back and forth to the point his ex came and set my house on fire cuz she was sick of him doing it also he has put me in complete danger and then left state. I am with someone else someone who lives me very much but I know it is haram for us both to be together while I am still married what can I do do u think I can send my boyfriend to the imam since my husband never went to his appointment with the imam and the imam says he won't speak to me again untill he sees my husband but my husband says to me he will come soon and give me what I want but he has been saying this for3 months now I have it in text messages can I go to imam with that I don't know I really could use some insight with this pease help.

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I know rhis is long to read but its my situation and I can really use some help...anyone?!?

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i'm not a muslim, so i have no idea what you can do islamicly. but if you go back to the same iman and he wants to call your husband again, at least put it on speaker so you can hear what you husband says. do ou have police reports on the vandalism and fire. do you know this other woman did this? when your husband posts facebook pics of him with this other woman you should capture them and take them as evidence of his infidelity to the iman. if that is not grounds for divorce i don't know what is.

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