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I have previously asked a question and thank you for those who have replied. Much appreciated.

My question now is this: Why is wrong for a Muslim to ask to meet a Christian woman, who he intends to marry (from Australia) in Dubai, wrong in Islam? It makes no sense to me at all!! The meeting would be held in a Public place so I don't see the problem! People have to meet, don't they, to see if they are compatible with each other?

Talking on Skype is one thing - so we would like to meet, just see if we have the same 'connection' in person, but as I said, it may not be for 12 months yet and he is very patient and is willing to wait.

This may not happen for maybe 12 months or more - and he is quite happy with that - he is not pushing or shoving me in any way!!

We have been corresponding for the last six months or longer and have become very fond of each other - nothing more, nothing less! HE IS THE PERFECT GENTLEMAN!! There are GOOD MUSLIMS out there - contrary to other opinions!!

We have come to know each other very well in that amount of time. I know his likes/dislikes and he knows mine. I've heard it is wrong to meet in Dubai. Why? I've been told he is not a true practicing Muslim - which is wrong - he prays the mandatory 5 times a day and observed Ramadan for the month of July (we did not correspond for that whole month). He also tells me things that he can & can't do as a Muslim.

He is not, in any way, looking for a way to obtain a Passport/Visa to come to Australia, either!! That, I can guarantee!! Amman, Jordan, is his home and will remain so!! He has a lovely home and 3 grown-up children and I have 2 grown-up children and 3 grandchildren. What is wrong with wanting to spend your life with someone - irrespective of what Religion that my be!! Where we want to meet, I think, is irrelevant!!

Yes, of course we do intend to marry, eventually. May not happen for a couple of years yet as we would like get to know each other so much better first. He has also told me what it is like to live as a Muslim wife - I am also considering changing to Islam, in time, and he knows this, and has offered to help me with this, when/if the time comes.

Is there anybody out there that can give me some 'constructive' advice, instead of all the negative opinions that have come my way!!



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Since you are a Christian the rules governing Muslim women and their relationships with men do not apply (but since you intend to become a Muslim perhaps you should apply them to yourself anyway). Public acts of affection are banned in Dubai...regardless of whether the people concerned are married or not...and regardless of their religion. That's the it or not. It's quite ok for couples to meet...share a meal public. They merely have to avoid giving offence to others.

(Aug 09 at 14:26) Paulus Paulus's gravatar image

Thanks Paulus for your input. Just to 'clear' something up - the man that I am meeting in Dubai would never ask me to do anything that is against Dubai Laws or any other country, for that matter!!

But, you can't get to 'know' someone unless you do meet in person. We both 'respect' each other far too much for that!! The only thing he would be doing would be taking me around and showing me Dubai - as he visits Dubai at least once a year - as he has family living there, too.

We would never think of giving offence to anyone in public, either.

Your advice is very much appreciated!!

(Aug 09 at 19:59) Sunnydays Sunnydays's gravatar image

Hi Carol.

We 'spoken'before...some time back, when you wanted to know if a Christian woman could marry a Muslim. I wished you well then, and I do so again. I don't doubt what you say for a second. Have a great time...both of you.


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carol, i think it is mostly the wackado salafist who say you can't see a woman until the wedding. of course dubai is full of salafists, but they must have some somewhat liberal leanings. the white mosque is open to non-muslims. but don't wear yoga pants, not only are they not age appropriate, but they don't count as proper dress in dubai.

why don't you go to jordan? longer flight i know but they are much more liberal. or have him come to australia?

(Aug 11 at 14:59) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

Thanks mikejm4 for your in-put.

We are only meeting in Dubai for one reason - because I have never been there before - this was 'not' his suggestion!! He has been there quite a few times and knows Dubai well - I would also think it very easy to get lost, especially if you don't speak Arabic. I am more than aware of Dubai's 'dress' rules. We will travel to Amman, Jordan, later, as he wants to show his city and what it is like living there. Whether he travels here or vice versa, we would be on 'each others' ground, either way!! The main thing is, we respect each other very much!! Thanks

(Aug 11 at 22:35) Sunnydays Sunnydays's gravatar image

ok. goodluck. just be careful, the muslims have some strange family law.

(Aug 12 at 11:17) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image
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