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Long story short.. I was named a REALLY bad thing and now it is on my birth certificate. By law you cannot change your birth certificate, you can only legally change it by deed poll. People will laugh at me if I legally change it, as birth certificates are public and anyone can find out what my birth name was and that is where the problem lies! The problem is that people will always know what it was and I can't deny it. i hate my parents for naming me this. My reason for not liking the name isn't because I'm just not fond of it, it's because it's something VERY bad. Even if it get's changed I still have the problem that it will get out that my birth name is SO BAD! I have prayed but..Allah cannot turn back time for me to when I was born to stop me from being named this. Normal people just DON'T understand how bad this is and how it has affected my life. Everything has got so bad that I am going to have to end my life. I do not want to blame Allah at all though! They say Allah only gives you as much as you can handle but I'm telling you that I can't take it. I have severe depression and living is just too hard. Allah cannot turn back time for me and if i could BEG AND BEG until i had no voice then i would. It's either turning back time so I could never be called this, or that copies of birth certificates could burn in a fire so that I could give them one with a different name and I would be free. Please pray that Allah can fix things for me. I still have faith even though things are SO hard for me. If my birth certificates all got accidentally deleted or something then i'd be off the hook. Life like this is hell for me. I just want to pray but i just don't think anything will happen because it's just too good to be true. Please i want someone to help me/save me from this hell.

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Legally you can change your name even though you may not be able to change your birth certificate. Many people change their names, for example, people from China who come to different countries where their name is not easily-pronounceable change their names, etc,etc. Your problem sister is a very easy one and you should not be worried about this. It is easy to do inshaAllah.

The birth certificate is for you to keep and it is not put for a public display, but what matters inshaAllah for you is your legal name. But when legally changing your name, please be aware of the Islamic naming rules, for example being names after your father (as is Elliev bint Abdullah). Please see

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it's not for public display but it's a public record so that means anyone can look it up! Please, I am grateful that you answered. It means a lot to me. I am also praying every night for my problem to be fixed. It's important that my BIRTH CERTIFICATE gets changed. I know you cant get it changed by law,but miracles happen if Allah wishes. I watched a video that taught people to really believe in what they dua for and that no matter how big, Allah can grant! Is that the case for me too? or am I asking Allah for something too big? If you are reading this right now, please do a little dua for me

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Jazakallah Khair sister. May Allah ease your suffering. What you are asking is very very easy for Allah, and Allah can give it to you lass than in the blink of an eye or less. But I do feel you should not be worried about your birth certificate but only legally change your name if you want. You are giving the birth certificate too much emphasis. People are not going to be bothered to try and check it, so you are needlessly distressing your self-sister. May Allah relieve you. Ameen

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The birth certificate part is very important because I want to become a good writer but these days,on wikipedia especially, ur birth name is public. That will ruin me.I know that people don't check my birth certificate,but if I want to be a writer,I will get bullied like I did at school.If my birth name is ever made public if I am a successful writer, I will not have the will to live anymore. Thank you for replying. May Allah bless you. I hope you pray for me. And I hope I have made you understand my situation better. I know what you are saying about a legal name change. Thanks so much though

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