What does Satan have anything to do with music? I don't get it. Is music generally from the devil or is it specific music from the devil? Please explain.

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in the time of jahiliya music was used in ceremonies to worship idols there are insterments that were not used and they are considered halah sucha s the tabla or drums the idea to incorprit music into worship and the idea to worship idols came from the devil that way in additioon to worshipping they are dancing and seducing men in the process and after the ceremony they would commit zina the prophet dosent want us to be like the people of jahiliya we must be as far away as possible from idolworshippers for this reason we do not listen to music the sound of music makes people dance often in innapropriate ways and it is almost immposible for a man to keep his eyes away from a women dancing in this matter. also we do not want to be participating in the same ceremonies as idolworshippers and this was included to be listining to music. another reason would be that it takes the mind off of ibbadat it would be impposible for you to be thinking of allah while lisiting to dirty music. another reason is that is is time consuming when you can be using that time for somthing usefull other that listining to the same meanigless music over and oven.

now this doesent mean music is haram this just means certain types of music is haram the sheikh that you are speaking of obvioulsy meant the mainstream media music as you have noticed almost every single popular song has to do with zinna and getting with girls getting drunk and partying. this type of music is obvouisly haram for the reasons i listed above. but if you listen to nasheeds or music by people like sami yousuf, and simple tabla music it isnt haram the propehts companions used to play this at eid and one companian said to stop in the prophet spresense and he said not to stop and let them enjoy themselves. obviously this shows some types of music is halal. also music like nasheeds and religous songs like sami yousuf encourage ibbadat to allah unlike the music of jahiliya it dosent waste yourtime since it praises allah and it isnt dirty a women couldnt possibly be dancing inapropritly that is saying "muhammad worthiest man or all time" (lines from a sami yusuf song)

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i belive so

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Thanks for the great explanation. By the way so the bollywood movie songs are haram too since they are mostly about couples dancing right?

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