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Assalamualaikum, My question is if a person performs some ziker of Allah (swt), not shown by our Prophet(pbuh) ie reciting 21 names of Allah (swt) out of 99 Names in the Afternoon, will it be acceptable to Allah (swt)?

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this depends on what the reason is if it is simply because you do not know all the names of allah and you only know 21 then it is fine because you are trying your best to do as the prophet instructed but if it is because you are trying to start a new prayer just becase you feel like allah likes this more than what the prophet did it is haram and considered a biddat or inovations. an innovation is a newley created thing that you belive to be better than the old method. it is haram because its deniying that our religon is complete, or that the prophet did not complete it. however if this is simply because you only know 21 names it is fine because you are trying and you are not deniying the religon is complete, rather that you havent learned some of the religion

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