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Assalamulaykum... My first question is Can you fast in the Intention of fasting to Allah for someones success and do dua to Allah for that persons success? When we have the intention of doing that can we tell that person that we are fasting and doing dua to allah for him/her success or does it have to be between you and Allah?

Second question.. What should I do and what action can I take when my so called parents and sisters are disrespecting me and dont take me serious? I get blamed even when I dont have fault. These people that are known as my family really hurt me, they say things that I never can imagine that parents can say that to their own child. Till today I never understood or recieved a moms love or a dads love or sisters love. I have always done favors for them, I have kept a big painful secret from them just for them to not get upset and from preventing any family issues but this what i get back a bad painful result. I was always ready to sacrifice for them, and this is what i get a big disrepect from them and painful words and the way they are treating me is like as if im not their child as if i was found on the streets and that Im a burden to them. They are not treating me right and they are doing a big injustice to me. What should I do? Its been a month that I'm not talking with them and im living under their roof jst to survive and eat and to find a chance to stand on my own feet so that I can take action, but really I need your advice..

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It would be better to post this as two separate questions; some people may know the answers to one question or the other, but not both.

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okay i dont know the answere to your fasing problem but evin if your parents arnt treating you whright just tell them how you feel but you still have to show them respect because heaven lies at your moms feet which means you have to take care of your parents and respect and love them to go to heaven

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your family may be treating you like that because they belive you did somthing wrong if they belive that you did somthing wrong then you shoulld explain to them that you did not even if they dont belive you allah knows the truth, after you explain that to them say and i will never do it they might take it as you will never do it again but say you will never do it ask for their forgivness for whatever they belive you did and say how you truley didnt do it once they see your sincerity they will forgive you insha allah and about not talking to them you are not supposed to do that the prophet forbid that two muslims brother and sisters fight and qurral and stay mad at eachother for more than three days make the sincere effort to act kind towords them even if they dont give the effort back allah will rewrd you for being patient and for being the one to end the arguments. try to start on a new page explain to your family you will like to start off on a new page, end all the fighting, forget anything happened, that is after you seek their forgivness then begin a new page where you guys are kind with eachother and put the negativity and hatred in the past.

now about the fasting i know that you are allowed to fast in place of somone but i have never heard of fasting for somones success i suggest you stay away from anny bidd3as or inovations and stick what you know try a dua for them or include them in your prayers

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I know its hard to be nice with someone whos treating you in a bad and unfair way. Its one of the most hard things to do as a muslim if even not the hardest( as the Prophet said (PBUH) : we are not truly muslims until we love our brothers like ourselves) -now i didnt understand if your familly is muslim or not BUT the way of islam is the way of PEACE litterally- islam means peace- and FORGIVENES. If they are so difficult with you and youre still patient with them that actually means more rewards for you -God said that for every little pain and hurt that we experience even a little worry he takes from our sins and cleans us . Whenever u are in a fight just use your brain , think it out , dont let your impulses take over you , remember why we are in this life, only to worship God Almighty and to serve him as his slaves ,obbey Him in absolutely Everything thats the real succes that u can take from this life - when u think about such a supreme goal that we have , do any of these things that they are fighting for seem like they matter anymore? Its something veeeery hard to do it i believe you but remember that God made the way to Heaven hard .The way to Hell is easy. Your have to work hard to get in to Heaven that`s what the Quran says the ones who believe and pray and do good deeds they will be rewarded! I would liek to hear an answer frm you so we can talk more , Asalamu wa alaikum!

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